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Chinese government accused of intimidating australian uyghurs

Chinese government accused of intimidating australian uyghurs. (Published Thursday, Nov. 25, 2014)

In a statement Thursday, a group of Tibetan exile groups described the announcement as “an attack on the rights of ordinary Chinese citizens” and accused President Xjarvees.comi Jinping of seeking to “stigmatize Tibetan and other religious minorities and to denigrate the rights of Tibetans and other ethnic minorities under the guise of promoting national unity.”

The Tibetan exile groups’ statement was later issued by the Tibet Association of People’s Religions, the Dalai Lama’s political wing.

“Chinese authorities have repeatedly made efforts to divide religious minorities,” it read. “The Chinese government’s policy of dividing Tibetans as ethnic Han and non-Han, and its insistence on the’separation of ethnicity’ is harmful for both the Tibetan people and the future of Tibet.”

Rights groups said that while they had not heard of a case of government harassment of religious minorities, they did have reports of police abuse.

Tibet’s independence movement has been on the back foot lately. The current Dalai Lama, who stepped aside and stepped down in 2009, fled to India to avoid further tension with Beijing. Tibetans also hope to form their own government in exile.

Nirshal said the government and media have been focusing on the potential threat of violence, a claim Tibet’s government denies.

He said the Tibetans have seen the reports of police abuses coming from outside the country, and are worried that people will eventually begin to come out of the woodwork, such as by the Tibetan Buddhist population, after recent developments.

“I believe the Tibetans will eventually m더킹카지노obilize,” he said. “I believe we need a united front. We need a group of people that우리카지노 know each other.”

The U.S. has also announced that it will provide a $10 million humanitarian grant to help support the Tibetan government.

The news came one day after the Dalai Lama was elected as leader of China’s 12 million-strong Tibetan Buddhist population, an honor that he has never held before.

A meeting of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council on Dec. 14 was scheduled to discuss China’s actions in Tibet, but the White House was informed of the development, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Wednesday.