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Help! I want to stop waking up late!

If I receive a $10 note every time I hear someone makes this request, I would already have enough money to fly to the South Pole!

I want to make it clear now that waking up early is not necessarily a “difficult” thing to do. new balance femme pas cher Nike Air Huarache Pas Cher However, the reason it seems hard is because one is not aware of “the technique.”

Normally, when we want to wake up early we would say to ourselves particularly before we go to bed “I will wake up early tomorrow” or “Tomorrow morning will mark the start of my productive life.” Some even use their ‘creativity’ to come up with thoughtful techniques such as sticking motivational quote on their table or beside the bed (or even on the alarm clock!), others put their alarm clock on top of the closet or in a locked drawer (NB: this is a ‘personal’ example).

And, lo and behold, what happens is…

You still wake up late!

Surprised? Well, you should be, for not everyone is aware of the fact that when you try to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, your subconscious mind – not your conscious mind – is in control. Hence, you will never have victory over your subconscious mind when you use your conscious mind to fight it in its territory. Russell Wilson College Jerseys Nike Air Max 90 Enfants Nike Baloncesto nike air max nike trainers sale It would be like trying to kill a shark by jumping aggressively into the water!

Therefore, the correct way to fix this unwanted behavior is to learn to change the ‘program’ in your subconscious mind, not to fight it blindly using your relatively weak conscious mind.

Here is a guide on how to change that ‘program’ in your subconscious mind:

1. Harrison Barnes College Jersey New Balance Homme Find some time in the evening – preferably at dusk –dim your bedroom light down or turn it off completely, then create the atmosphere so that it most resembles the time when you just wake up in the morning.

2. nike air zoom pegasus 34 femme Temple Owls goedkope nike air max Pretend to go to sleep. nike air force 1 mid homme new balance enfants Pull your blanket up, wear your pajamas, then set the alarm clock to ring within five minutes later.

3. Nike Hurley nike air max 97 homme

  • Nike Air Max 95
  • Womens Air Jordan 3 Relax, ease your body and mind, don’t think about the alarm clock, just let your thoughts drift away…

    4. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Homme adidas scarpe bianche When the alarm rings, stretch your four limbs out, take a deep breath, then spring out of bed as if there is a sharp nail poking at your back. cheap air jordans free shipping ray ban homme pas cher new balance bordowe damskie allegro nike air max 2017 goedkoop And here is the important part – after you are out of bed, immediately go to the bathroom and wash your face. NIKE LUNARGLIDE 8

    polska biega asics Andre Ethier Jersey Yes, BEFORE you turn off the alarm clock. Brad Kaaya College Jersey Nike Air Presto Enfants Clemson Tigers This will wake you up physically AND mentally; then the conscious mind will have that precious chance to take over and lead your (conscious) life.

    5. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Air Jordan 8 Retro Walk over to the alarm clock and turn it off. Nike Internationalist

  • Congratulations… you have just learnt the best method to fight the bad habit of waking up late.

    Repeat the procedure at least two to three times per ‘session’. Nike Air Max 2016 femme Nike Air Presto Homme

  • asics gel nimbus 14 donna I myself and several of my friends had successfully got rid of the nasty habit because of this technique. asics scarpe uomo New Balance Baratas nike air max 1 hombre It is crucial to let you know, however, that people who refuse to use this technique can be divided into two groups:

    1. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir adidas chaussure femme Nike Sko Nettbutikk Those who, ironically, see this practice as a waste of time. Nike Scarpe Donna nike pas cher Now, before you follow them and fall into such a tragic trap, let me tell you that if you successfully pull this off, you will save 1 hour of your conscious life everyday which equals to 360 hours per year (and yes, that equals to 15 full days every year!)


    Why do we love astrology so much?

    Who would have guessed that calling to your local astrologer or taking a glance at the horoscope article has a hidden motive deep down in the essence of being human.

    Every human being who walks this earth, regardless of his/her race, social status, sex, religion or education, wants certainty in life. vente chaussures running new balance Louisville Cardinals Jerseys And the reason we love astrology so much is because it strikes at the heart of our “need for certainty.”

    You only have to pay a handful amount of money to get more certainty out of your life. Marcus Mariota – Oregon Ducks You want to know what type of person your partner will be like in the future? You don’t know which job to choose? You want to know whether you will be rich or famous and when? Astrology can give you the answers (and who cares whether the answers are plausible or not, as long as you believe that they are, right?)

    You might have already noticed that all these things that I’ve mentioned above have some degree of uncertainty in them (just like any other things in the universe). soldes adidas pas cher

  • We humans feel that uncertain things are uncontrollable. Army Black Knights Jerseys This sense of uncontrollability makes us feel anxious, suffered, and scared. new balance homme pas cher Fjallraven Kanken

  • And it is this fear of uncertainty which is the root of all fear.

    Astrology helps us to get rid of the fear of uncertainty, just like when you turn on the light in a dark room. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Light casts away the fear of darkness because it allows us to see the area more clearly. Canotta Philadelphia 76ers Astrology, and so the logic goes, casts away the fear of uncertainty because it allows us to see the future with more clarity.

    When we know what decision and what move we should make, we feel better and happier instantly. nike air max bambini new balance blanche asos

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  • This is why famous astrologers are the ones who make predictions with more ‘certainty’, and it is also why they are the ones who take all the money from the poor ‘uncertain’ folks.

    As for the horoscope section in an article, a daily text-message horoscope service, and a book on astrology, these are even more popular because they provide the ‘daily dose of certainty’ for us. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Blanche air max 90 pas cher Thus, once we read them, we feel safer, happier and more in-control of our future.

    Nevertheless, one should be aware that the need for certainty for each person varies to some degree. New Balance 574 homme Air Max 87 air max soldes For example, women need more certainty than men. Adidas Yeezy 350 Femme Canotta Washington Wizards That’s why she’s usually the one who demands a marriage and a secure family.Women also tend to look for a more stable job as compared to men. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Grise

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  • And yes, statistics around the world tell us that women love astrology much more than men.

    However, before closing, I would like to give you a little something to think about:

    Which do you think is better ?

    1. New Balance 533 femme

  • Adidas Nmd Donna
  • Having to turn on the light every single night to make sure that there is nothing in the dark, so that you can sleep with a peace of mind.