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    Don’t judge people


    The incident has happened long time ago. Parajumpers Masterpiece Roosevelt It taught me a valuable lesson that I can’t never forget. Goedkope Nike Air Max 2017 Dame Air Jordan 4 Premium Since then, I have to be more careful about judging people. Here is the story.

    A friend who has just come back to Thailand from abroad has bought me two boxes of finest chocolate. But I can’t eat them because I’m afraid of getting fat and worry about side effects.

    So I think of my other friend’s two children, who are not fat. Adidas Superstar Heren I will give them those chocolate. new balance One evening after work, I was on the road to see them. Canotte All-Star The traffic was terrible. new balance 574 Jered Weaver Jersey Especially on the intersection, it was raining too. louboutin pas cher There, I saw two children selling garlands on the road. Nobody was interested in buying them.

    With the rain that did not seem to stop, I felt pity for them. adidas gazelle homme bleu But I didn’t want to buy their garlands because I don’t want to support people selling stuff on the road.

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  • It is illegal to do that. But I feel for the poor people who have to struggle to make ends meet.

    With my sympathy, I have changed my mind. My first intention I wanted to give those chocolate to my friend’s children. But I decided to give them to these two children on the street instead. Fjallraven Kanken Sverige I thought they would never have a chance to eat good chocolate like this before.

    So I honked the horn and called them. With their big smile, they must have thought that I would buy the garlands.

  • But I told them that I would not buy one. Instead, I want to give them these two boxes of chocolate for each of them.

    They looked at me with a question mark on their faces and they took it without even thank me.

    I am very happy with myself for achieving what I didn’t plan to do in the first place.

  • Utah Jazz adidas yeezy boost 350 męskie I don’t mind that they forgot to thank me either. asics kayano 21 femme They are just a child, I thought. So I drove on. asics gel nimbus 14 hombre But because the traffic was so heavy, I can’t move far.

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    In the meantime, I saw both of them running to my car with garlands in their hands. I thought to myself that they must have really wanted to sell me those garlands. Vanderbilt Commodores new balance 993 outlet What do they want? I gave them chocolate. Wasn’t it enough? They still want me to buy their garlands? Is it too much to ask for?

    But then again, I felt sympathy for them. Since I was good to them by giving them chocolate, another good deed might not harm me.

    So I lowered my car window asking them how much for their garlands.

    The boys said they didn’t want to sell me the garlands. They want to give 10 garlands to me. Fjällräven Kånken No.2 Because I gave them chocolate so they wanted to thank me for that they said.

    I was amazed by that. I was speechless. I never thought of that before. Air Jordan 14 Homme

  • I was glad and amazed.

    I told them that I want to support them. “Take my money for the garlands,” I said.

    They insisted that they don’t want my money. Maglia DeMar DeRozan They just want to return me with something for what I did to them.

    I felt guilty for judging them from what I saw. Brandon Bolden I was wrong for thinking they were too annoying and wanting more from me. Adidas Stan Smith Homme

  • Finally I took garlands from them, but just two, one from each of them.

    We smiled happily when departed.

    That night I took both garlands to put in offering dish and warship the lord Buddha at home, with my joyfully heart.

    This story taught me that ‘gratitude’ does exist. You can find it immediately. And don’t get too quick to judge people from their behaviours.

    Most people do judge people too quick from their behaviours. It is not what we should do at all because we can make mistake easily. Cam Newton Auburn Football Jerseys So always remind yourself:

    Don’t judge poor people and accuse them as a thief or crooked.
    Don’t judge uneducated and accuse them as a fool.
    Don’t judge people who dress with old fashioned or having bad character that they are impaired.
    Don’t judge people who don’t work and accuse them as a lazy person.
    Don’t judge those people who do not talk to you and accuse them that they are arrogant. Nike Air Presto They may have trouble with their ears or they can’t hear you.
    Don’t judge people who do not talk sweet and accuse them that they are heartless.

    Most of us like to judge people from what we don’t like about them, and accuse them that they were a bad person.

    In fact, we don’t have any rights to judge the other. asics gel lyte 5 mujer beige We are not the judge.